Eastin IT Security is now offering ESAE (Red Forest) Active Directory Design and Implementation services. This is a premium offering meant enhance your ability to offer the highest level of Active Directory professional services to your clients.

What is ESAE?

Quite simply put this is Microsoft’s recommended best practices for securing Active Directory. ESAE is a well-protected bastion forest that is used to manage a production forest/domain administration functions. The main idea is to segment highly privilege Active Directory administration accounts into their own highly secure forest.

What customers should consider ESAE?

ESAE is typically implemented by large multinational firms and government entities who need the highest level of Active Directory security to protect IP, critical infrastructure as well highly sensitive data. In other instances, this would be appropriate for firms who have a significant security breach and want to secure the “keys to the kingdom” while they work to clean up their existing environment. Organizations such as Microsoft and the US State Department have implemented ESAE.

Typically only Microsoft offers ESEA professional services, but I am excited that Eastin IT Security is now working with former members of the Microsoft CyberSecurity team to bring these services to you. This essentially allows you to level the playing field and leverage industry experts when your customers need ESEA services. Our team members have:

  • Designed the global ESEA standards for Microsoft CyberSecurity
  • Implemented ESEA at Microsoft and government entities such as the US State Department
  • Worked in sensitive environments such as the US Navy, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Democratic National Convention Committee just to name a few

We have already received very positive feedback on these services from some of our other large regional Microsoft business partners. We hope that this premium service will allow you to enhance your standing and knowledge with your customers as well as increase your competitiveness in this growing market.