What a fun interview! I had a great time chatting with Ryan Newington about all things MIM along with Powershell. Hear about:

  1. What’s it like to manage 200,000 + plus identities across 4 continents for a large academic institution
  2. How the Ryan’s Lithnet Powershell tools came about and why you should use them to manage your FIM/MIM infrastructure
  3. What technologies Ryan currently struggles with
  4. What future enhancements that he would like to see included in future versions of MIM
  5. New improvements Ryan is making to the Lithnet suite for the MIM Sync engine

The final part of interview is particularly entertaining. We talk about:

  1. Ryan’s favorite books 🙂
  2. How he nearly ended up in fast food management instead MIM development
  3. His favorite dish and milkshake at McDonald’s

All and all it was a great deal of fun and Ryan is a great person to talk with. Take a listen and I hope that you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.