Eastin IT Security is a full-service identity management firm that has real-world experience and expertise with Epic in a variety of healthcare settings and organization sizes.

Epic identity management solutions from Eastin IT Security helps healthcare organizations stay on top of their vast information security needs.

Epic is the leader in enterprise software for healthcare organizations and academic medical centers, offering an integrated suite of software that supports functions related to patient care, including registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and other care providers; systems for lab technologists, pharmacists, and radiologists; and billing systems for insurers. Hospitals that use its software hold medical records of 54% of patients in the United States and 2.5% of patients worldwide.

Eastin IT Security knows the intricacies of the Epic platform and the important nature of information privacy and security that is imperative in healthcare organizations. Working with us on your Epic identity management and access needs will help your care facility:

  • Improve staff efficiency - deploying an automated account provisioning system means that your security staff can focus on high-value tasks instead of manual time-consuming data entry for new account creation and updates. The typical healthcare organization with 5,000 employees can save the equivalent in annual salary and benefits of at least one full-time employee.  Epic identity management solutions with Eastin IT Security can help improve access without sacrificing security.
  • Reduce help desks time and costs - with delegated self-service capabilities, a secure infrastructure and proper security protocols your team can better manage passwords, groups, and data in your environment, reducing phone time and improving efficiency with improved identity management within Epic.
  • Ensure timely account termination - gone are the days when you, or worse the auditors, discover an active account of an employee who left the company months ago. User credentials can literally be automatically shut off the day or hour an employee is separated from the organization.  Eastin IT Security can help you design processes and protocols that control access to information during critical times.
  • Standardize security policies and practices - once you align your HR data with your Epic security model, you quickly reap the benefits of standardization. This means that any employee classified as an ER nurse, for example, will get the same Epic Link Templates and In Baskets as any other ER nurse. The process is reliable, repeatable and verifiable, and it offers economy of scale for account provisioning and Eastin IT Security has experience and expertise in delivering these solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes.
  • Improve compliance and enhance audit preparation - centralized account provisioning and de-provisioning combined with a data warehouse greatly simplify your organization’s ability to prepare for and respond to an audit. When you can pull activity logs from the system to satisfy an auditor’s request, audit processes go from hours and days of manual research to literally just minutes.  Eastin IT Security's understanding of identity management helps your organization make sure it's on top of compliance.
  • Improved employee satisfaction - employees, particularly new hires, get their new computer user accounts in a timely manner. In many instances, the computer accounts are already the moment the new employee reports for the first day of work. They get to work on day one with the appropriate access to the systems they need to do their job - taking care of patients.  Eastin IT Security can help you design a solution that effectively balances security and employee satisfaction.