Eastin IT Security has experience that ranges across a wide variety of technology platforms and can help your organization build a comprehensive identity management solution.

Eastin IT Security has the expertise help your organization through any identity management need regardless of your platform or technology.

Identity management integration is a critical part of any enterprise security plan, as it is linked to the security and productivity of your organization. Enterprises use identity management to safeguard their information assets against the rising threats of ransomware, criminal hacking, phishing and other malware attacks.

Organizations also continue to add services for both internal users and customers. These services require proper identity management integration with core technology and systems. Identity management continues to evolve to control access to all digital assets, including devices, network equipment, servers, portals, content, applications, and products.

Given our breath and depth of strategic and tactical expertise in enterprise-level identity access and management, Eastin IT Security has worked across multiple platforms and technologies and has the ability to help connect disparate systems into a complete identity management solution. We have integrated identity management systems with platforms including but not limited to:

  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft/Oracle
  • Lotus Notes
  • Google
  • Salesforce.com
  • Good Mobile Control/Intune MDM
  • SQL Server
  • Active Directory
The right identity management system can be a cornerstone of a secure network and allows your company to extend access to its information systems across a variety of on-premise applications, mobile apps, and SaaS tools without compromising security. By providing greater access to outsiders, you can drive collaboration throughout your organization enhancing productivity, employee satisfaction, and revenue, which are all critical in today's competitive business landscape.

Eastin IT Security can help you understand the intricacies involved with identity management within your business architecture and develop a comprehensive solution that drives your business forward. We have an outstanding track record of delivering identity management solutions to organizations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries. That coupled with our deep understanding of technology gives you the insight and expertise you need to deliver a world-class identity management solution for your enterprise.